In Daimús, its people are festive, like good Valencians.

As for the fiestas in Daimús, its people are festive like good Valencians. They make the most of any occasion to have a party. They accompany their festivities with the important and traditional sound of fireworks, i.e.: firecrackers, firework displays, “despertades”… The festivities are often celebrated with verbenas popular, typical parades, open-air concerts, street theatre and some other ideas that give a touch of originality and popular flavour to the town. The festivity par excellence in which the whole municipality is involved is that of its patron saint, San Pedro Apóstol. During the last week of June, a wide range of events are held to mark the occasion. Verbenas, fancy dress balls, Moors and Christians parade… The Alí Ben Alà troupe is in charge of organising them and on 28th June the streets of Daimús are filled with music and colour. Tourists have the opportunity to participate every 25th July in the festivities of the Pedregals neighbourhood in honour of its patron saint Santiago Apóstol and to be infected by the joy of its people. Recently, the old festival in honour of the Santos de la Piedra has been revived.